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English Schools will provide extra lessons regarding dangers from knives

Bipin Dimri Jun 06, 2019

The students in English schools are provided with an extra lesson before the summer holidays began. The faculties of schools, along with teachers, warned the students of the danger that come from carrying knives with them.

In the UK, the children who are at risk due to numerous knife crimes are regarded to be vulnerable during the vast summer break. They become prey or a hunter if they possess sufficient time on their hands given that they accumulate education. The schools are worried about the safety of the students at the schools will remain shut for the summer, and it would leave no room for the protection of the pupils. 

Campaigners also said that because of government cuts to the youth services, there is also the shortage of activities for the young masses during the extended six-week holiday.

The hour-long session is meant for the students of under 11 to 16 years. Moreover, they would attempt and later challenge the conventional myths which surround the young masses and possession of a knife. The real-life incidents and case studies are used to help youngsters in resisting the pressure that comes from carrying a weapon. One of the teenagers called Dean was arrested due to possessing a knife. Nevertheless, a local support centre helped him to get over the dark phase in his life.

The Home Office has drawn a collaboration with the teachers and Social, Personal, Health and Economic Association that are built on the present-day school curriculum called “Knife Crime.” United Kingdom’s Home Office introduced the Knife Crime in the previous year.

The schools in the UK have been under immense pressure for eradicating the rise in knife crime. In Wales and England, there have been 285 reports of killings from March 2017 to March 2018. According to the Home Office records, the number from 2017 and 2018 is regarded to be the highest since 1946.


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