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Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel the debt of the students and abolish tuition fees

Bipin Dimri Apr 23, 2019

Elizabeth Warren who serves as the Senator of Massachusetts has reportedly curated her forthcoming presidential campaign surrounding disruptive yet straightforward ideas. This week on Monday, Elizabeth Warren had proposed the most disruptive policy plan for the presidential election. 

The plan surrounds $1.25 trillion budget for reshaping the countries higher education by simply putting an end to the loan debts of most of the students and by eliminating the tuition fees of each public college.

By the looks of it, Ms. Warren’s plan for sweeping has numerous deals. Elizabeth Warren said that she would be paying for the budget by generating the revenue by increasing the taxes for the wealthiest families as well as corporations around America. According to Ms. Warren, her campaign will bring forward $2.75 trillion in the next ten years.

By simply eliminating the undergraduate tuition at the public universities as well as the colleges, she will expand federal grants by helping the students in their living expenses. Eventually, Elizabeth Warren will curate a fund of $50 billion for supporting the historically black colleges as well as universities.

Judging by the statistics, Warren is going to eliminate around $50,000 in the form of students loan debt for the people who have a household income below $100,000. At the same time, the borrowers with $250,000 and $100,000 incomes will have a portion of their loan forgiven. In an interview, Warren said that her move would touch the lives of people. And she finally has the chance to talk about how things are broken and how they can fix these things. According to Elizabeth Warren, this is the new-age American dream. 

On top of this, Ms. Warren has previously offered numerous proposals in providing universal child care along with expandable, affordable housing. She also wants to put an end to the unfettered capitalism around America.


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