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Education plays a crucial role to promote national unity says, Minister Waytha Moorthy

Bipin Dimri Apr 29, 2019

To promote unity around a nation and to build a framework for social wellbeing, it is education that plays a crucial role, according to Minister Waytha Moorthy, who is an integral part of the Prime Minister’s Department. Waytha Moorthy also helms the role of the Senator of the current government led by PM Mahathir Bin Mohamad.

The sign of a peaceful country is the nation which is united and the citizens of the country are exponentially happy. Furthermore, this type of country enables quality education for the young masses around the country.

During the National Education and Learning Submit, Waytha Moorthy said that it is education which plays a necessary part to enable sustainable unity. And this gives rise to an important notion that by propagating and facilitating quality education, national unity can be implemented around the country.

According to Waytha Moorthy, the students should move afar from being the conventional “book smarts.” Waytha Moorthy stressed that instead of following the general outlook of learning the context and content from the educational books, the children should acquire a proper sense of empathy as well as mutual understanding. And this practice must be carried out by the students who belong to diversified segments of religions and races. 

It is imperative for the educational system of Malaysia to take a few backward steps and then consider moving forward towards a model which will put the grade chasing system to the sidelines. In the country and around the world it isn’t wrong to celebrate a person’s uniqueness, irrespective of culture or religion. Nevertheless, things become wrong when people especially the students make enemies out from the people who are incredibly different from them.

Waytha Moorthy shared his take and views about promoting education around the country via the 2019 summit. The aim National Education and Learning Submit 2019 was to guide the focus of people across Malaysia towards education meant for sustainable development and citizenship education.


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