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Education Plan of Bernie Sander howls at charter schools' rise

Bipin Dimri May 21, 2019

Bernie Sanders, the senator, has recently taken aim at the charter schools in the US on Saturday. Sanders said that the federal fundings for the charter schools should be suspended. It seems the senator wants the education policy across the United States should change before the election of 2020.

Sanders showcased a 10-point plan given that he is already among two dozen Democratic candidates who are running for the presidential nomination. According to Sanders, he will put an end to the racial segregation policies which are prevailing in the schools across the US. On the other hand, Sanders also said that he would forbid spending lump sum funds on the new charter school. Additionally, he also plans to ban the "for-profit" charter schools.

The stable growth if the US charter schools have tremendously affected the communities of color. Sanders said that the US doesn't need to have two distinctive school systems. Investing in public schools' criteria will be more than enough.

Vermont's Sanders also said that the charter schools are subjects to a similar kind of oversight as the public schools. The parents and the teachers of the public school are accountable for at least half of the representation related to charter school education board. If Sanders' plan would be successful, then he will demand that the charter schools will disclose the rate of wearing down among students, financial portfolio, and nonpublic funding sources.

The charter schools received maximum prominence and support during the administrative age of Obama. Hence, it is more likely true that the Democrats have supported the charter schools in the first place.

Cory Booker, New Jersey senator, is a long time supporter of the charter schools. In 2018, Booker said that he is loyal to providing free public school, superior quality education to the public schools. Currently, Booker is also running to become the next president of the US.


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