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Dr. Mahathir brings a new way to educate the young Malaysians

Bipin Dimri Apr 08, 2019

Politics gives rise to constant, bewildered and vernacular schools. And in this scenario, the adoption of English language dropping at an alarming rate, even some of the top-most ranking academics in Malaysia are getting disappointed with what is going on with the education system. Misplaced priority also plays a significant role, and it results in people not to speak about the ordeals that are taking place in the education system. 

The former prime minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohamad tried to seize some of these problems when he was in power. Dr. Mahathir introduced an extremely decisive step to provide a solution how to teach Science, Mathematics. Nevertheless, during that time, the nationalist of Malay language did not allow Dr. Mohamad to do so. Dr. Mahathir’s vision of bringing the English language forward to teach both Science and Mathematics and later making it a priority might be one of the reasons as to why he was asked to resign from his duty.

Soon, Dual Language Programme covertly started planting its root into the education system. And due to this, some of the classes the selected schools were given the green light to teach students both Science and Mathematics in English. Nevertheless, this seems like a little unfair toward the schools in urbane regions and the urban schools.

According to Dr. Mahathir, the schools are currently focusing on a few segments of Islam like rituals. Performing or not performing these rituals are not going to determine whether a person will go to hell or heaven. It is the duty of the government to come up with a solution. Dr. Mahathir said that when he was a teenager he read Quran and but he understood the true meaning of the Quran after reading it in English. It is imperative for people to understand Islam.


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