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Dost Education claims $25,000 tech prize as an educational tech startup

Bipin Dimri Apr 10, 2019

EdTech or Education Tech startup company in India, “Dost Education” receives a $25,000 tech price in London. Egypt and Tanzania were the two other winners of the tech competition. The tech competition is organized by Varkey Foundation which is based in the United Kingdom. 

The foundation organizes an annual Next Billion Edtech Prize which acknowledges and awards the most innovative technology which has the power to radically impact the education sector in the developing and countries with low per capita income.

Dost Education received the price due to its ability to empower education by creating a friendly and short audio content. The education technology startup from India sent the audio content to the Next Billion Edtech Prize through their smartphones.

GSEF also known as the Global Education and Skill Forum, announced that Dost had curated audio content, software as well as the toolkits which are addictive and fun for the parents. These groundbreaking kit helps low-income parents to boost the brain of their children from an early stage of life. 

With the help of Dost Education’s breakthrough, the parents will no longer need to send their children to the primary schools. The aim of the startup was to create a chance for low-income parents to teach their kids exactly what the primary schools in the country teach them. The announcement of the award took place in Dubai in the previous month.

The chief executive officer of Dost, Sneha Sheth said that it would be quite enticing to bring the Dost to a significant platform at GEST where the start was one of the three winners of the competition. Ms. Sheth also said that this motivates them to keep on working more with their mission of helping the parents to unlock their hidden potential of their child.


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