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Dominic Cardy said that the students need to receive the vaccination from attending schools

Bipin Dimri May 31, 2019

Dominic Cardy, the Education Minister, said that students should meet up with the immunization requirements of the region this year. If they don't, then the students will not be allowed to enter the school doors until they are vaccinated.

Dominic Cardy won't simply exclude the students during the outbreak which is going on in the area of Saint John. In Saint John, 11 of the measles cases have been confirmed. According to the sources, nine students in the area of Saint John are from Kennebecasis Valley High School located in Quispamsis. Cardy is planning to bar the children so that they won't be able to attend school.

Recently Cardy said that the school authorities do not allow the students to visit schools with a gun. Similarly, students who have been infected with fatal diseases are more likely to bring some dangerous condition into the schools. And this jeopardizes all the other students' health in the schools.

Cardy wants to tackle the spreading of infectious diseases from the beginning of September 2019. According to Cardy, the children who will be attending a new school in New Brunswick are required to be present with the cards suggesting that they are vaccinated. The procedure will indicate that the students are not putting themselves or their classmates at risk.

New Brunswick since time immemorial has showcased an everlasting policy where the students are either required to show proof that they are immune to certain diseases. The children should be immune diseases mumps, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, rubella, pertussis, polio, meningococcal disease and lastly, chicken pox.

However, the rule has not been enforced consistently for a year. And this is the region why the Canadia Province isn't aware of how many students residing in the region are vaccinated. Dominic Cardy wants to change this, so he comes with a new rule which says that keeping tabs on the healthy and unhealthy students of New Brunswick.


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