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Document Highlights Manitoba’s Education System Fail to Meet Expectations

Bipin Dimri Apr 13, 2019

With recent reports on Manitoba’s kindergarten to Grade 12 School system, the commission reviews it. A discussion paper is released by the commissionaires to steer the discussion on the matter. The co-chairman, Manness reveals this information.

Manness says that some can call this discussion, a guide. He also says that others can also call the discussions a provoking and critical to elicit inputs. According to him, the inputs will be from Manitobans of all kinds of descriptions who live in different areas. Manness says these things on Friday at a media conference.

Further, Manness says that they are ready to receive the inputs from the masses. However, the paper which has the discussion inked on it highlights six areas into focus. It includes student learning, long-term vision, governance and funding and also accountability for student learning.

Commission tasks to improve the education system of Manitoba. Earlier, the commission tasked to improve Manitoba’s school system. As a result, it produced dismal scores from the students in different subjects. The different subjects include mathematics and science. But, they will release their finding probably next spring.

As per reports, on April 24, the first public consultation meeting is to take place at the Coboto Centre in Winnipeg. Moreover, additional meetings are also scheduled for Steinbach, Brandson, The Pas, Thompson, Carman and Dauphin. However, the commission will take the opinions by email, or fax.

On the other hand, Manness again comes up to reveal the discussion with the committee. According to him, the committee will produce a factual document. It will illustrate the education system of the province and where it lies.

The document reveals the performance of the students even if the graduation rates are soaring high. As per the document, there are persistent trends indicating no improvement over time. The document also reveals that only half of early and also some middle year students are able to meet the expectations in terms of reading and writing.


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