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Dept. of Basic Education defends the teaching of Sex-Ed to students of 4th grade

Bipin Dimri May 15, 2019

The Department of Basic Education said that in South Africa, the Life Orientation is much more than a subject. Additionally, the department stresses that as Life Orientation is an essential part of the curriculum, the South Africa schools in the country.

On the other hand, the department has also detached itself from the reports and media. The apparent reason is that it is a new life Orientation curriculum will be teaching the students of grade 4 about masturbation.

This week on Monday, the department reacted to an article which was published by Sunday Times. The report said that the children who are as young as nine years would learn how to masturbate or self stimulate themselves. Furthermore, the children will be open to sexual pleasure as soon as the new textbooks are rolled out in the following year.

The matter has become extremely sensitive among the teachers and parents. Some of the parents of the pupils are also questioning the reason why the Basic Education Department is allowing the young people to be exposed to these topics at the South African schools.

The department also said that the new curriculum is explicitly targeted to the students of grade 4 to 12. The new curriculum is going to cover numerous topics starting with a healthy lifestyle to sex education.

Basic Education Dept said that the students are going to be taught in the most pleasant, sensitive, and appropriate way about how people conceive babies, and various other topics.

Elijah Mhlanga, the spokesperson of Basic Education, said that there is a need to improve the education is provided in the country. The education in the country should, and the department of education, parents and teachers must yield better results in the country. Mhlanga will also monitor the resultants of the ongoing curriculum.


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