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Democratic Governor and the Republics spoke about K-12 Education Funding

Bipin Dimri May 23, 2019

Tony Ever, the Democratic Governor had scheduled a never-seen-before extremely private meeting where the legislative leaders of the Republic government of the country came together to talk about K-12 education funding.

The meeting that took place on Wednesday was brought forward as the plan by Assembly Republicans for unveiling the country’s existing education-funding plan. By the looks of it, the meeting was called right before the committee of budget-writing showcased the issue. The Senate Republicans of the country also met with the Democratic Governor to discuss the issue.

Evers came forward with this campaign for increasing the K-12 funding, approximately 10% for two years. According to the proposed funding, Evers is asking for $1.4 billion inclusive of the $600 million for special education.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have also spoken about much of the lower increase. According to the Republicans, in the previous year, there was $639 as the budget for schools under the Scott Walker, the former Republican governor. The Senate Republicans are looking forward to giving the schools around $200 will an increase in students, and this sums up to $202 million.

The Republicans who are currently in control of the state legislature, are in dire need to provide the schools in Wisconsin with a $500 million more in funding. By the looks of it, the amount that Tony Evers proposed is the third of the spending bump.

After the meeting came to an end, the lawmakers released the plan meant for spending a few hours after the Republican leaders and Evers met for the first time. The Wisconsin schools should get an extra amount of $200 to $204 per students for the next couple of years. By the looks of it, the budget plan will not alter the tuition fees of the students. Evers took it to Twitter and said that they are going to increase the funding for special education by $600,000,000.


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