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Cuts in Education are made to repair the damage caused by Bolsonaro Administration

Bipin Dimri May 14, 2019

The presidents of the significant opposition parties decided to go against the Jair Bolsonaro government. During a meeting which took place in Brasilia on the 8 of May said that they would make cuts in the field of Education.

The Socialism and Liberty Party candidate, Guilherme Boulos who underwent a defeat for in the race to become the President of the country made visits to the public universities in the country. Boulus attempted to mobilize the students. In the previous week in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, the thousands of students took an active part in demonstrations. By the looks of it, this protest has the potential to give rise to a national wave against Bolsonaro.

Guilherme Boulos said that the most significant challenge that the country is facing is in terms of social mobilization. The current government of Brazil ultimately a savage government. He also added that the country could not afford to a government which is only known to create a revolution with the help of hashtags. Or the opposition that has conversations and doesn’t work on it.

According to Boulos, the time has come to bring forward grassroots, combative opposition which comprehends the necessity to begin the fight from the streets. When it comes to the parliament, the opposition party is a majority in the parliament. Boulos said these things to over 2,000 students on the 8 of May, on Wednesday at Sao Paulo University.

Later on Thursday, on the 9 of May, the parties brought forward a notice with the power vested in them. The warnings were made to seek social entities and to make sure that the parties combine their force to initiate a national strike. The professors around the country have set up a meeting on the 15 of May. The scheduled meetings are regarded as the “Forum of the Presidents.”


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