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Colleges to invest huge money on Precision farming

Bipin Dimri Apr 13, 2019

Askham Bryan College which is near York and Near Beverely, are the leaders in agricultural education. The two colleges are constantly growing to give students a promising career. The two colleges have been awarded from the government with a total price amount of £10 million to be shared.  The answers were given as the new Institute of Technology in the UK. The award was led by York College and it focuses on agri-tech, manufacturing, digital sectors and engineering.

Reportedly, two colleges are leaders in agri-tech elements. It means that they have their own firms that are to be upgraded in order to give students the use of precision farming technology.

Colleges to invest about £1.7 million in agri-tech

The college, Ashham Bryan is to invest about £1.7 million in order to build and equip beef livestock centre. It will be used to showcase the technology involved in precision livestock farming. The centre will be located at the college’s Westfield Farm. The center is to be operated as beef finishing and also for calf rearing facility. The latest digital equipment will use real-time data which can be accessed by smartphone. It will be able to inform the management of the frame and will give lessons to its students.

The college has an existing beef unit which will also get refurbished. The college will also build an additional classroom and car park.

On the other hand, Bishop Burton, the college will also invest the same amount for its new training facility and machinery. It will be done to give access to the student, the precision farming technology. It will be tailored for arable farming like GPS-guided and auto-steer vehicles. The student will get exposure to real-time changing to chemical applications.

The college will also provide the students with the latest kit. The investment of colleges will have the potential to improve the skills of students that meet the agricultural needs of present-day farming.


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