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Are You A CAT Repeater? Get Your Customized Planning Here

Sudipto Das Feb 27, 2019

You are in a dilemma regarding the perfect tailor-made plan for your repeat session for CAT. You may have attempted to get through CAT a few times earlier but didn’t succeed. It doesn’t matter if you faced failure as it is the pillar of your success. Lakhs of aspirants sit for the exam every year. Feel proud for your guts to try for the same thing for making the imagination come true in reality.

There can be several reasons for not succeeding CAT. It is just a matter of time and correct way of preparing yourself for the final round. Some strategic changes can take you to the desired percentile.

The specific strategies should be different for every individual as the needs of each one is non-identical. CAT can be regarded as one of the toughest examinations in India. Everybody wants a seat in the prestigious IIMs for pursuing the further studies. Accurate time management, the presence of witty mind, dedication and patience can get you big sore.

1. Focus on the basics

Polish your basics. Students get tensed over difficult questions as their fundamentals are not strong. Keep calm and start afresh. Choose the right questions that you can answer with confidence. After completion, look for the tougher ones. Take help from seniors, teachers, and friends.

2. Ignore the demotivators

People will say anything and every stupid thing to make you feel weak.

Failure is important in life because those who survive failure gain immense knowledge and unstoppable perseverance resulting from overcoming deprivation. The day you will crack the CAT, the surrounding people will start singing right notes for you.

Remember what Thomas A. Edison said - “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

3. Practice more

Practice More

Lack of exercise can be an unavoidable reason behind the small percentile. It can happen due to improper guidance and less preparation time. Identify your cause. Getting nervous and mourning over the split milk won’t work. The exam happens only once in a year. You have got enough time for your next slot for covering your flaws from the last year. So, start taking care of the syllabus as soon as a result comes out.

4. Don’t neglect mock tests

Mock tests are the life saver of cracking the difficult exam like CAT. Get familiar with the patterns. Analyzing the tests for around four to five hours is necessary. The similar environment will provide boost to your excellence for the D- day. By repeating numerous mocks, you will be able to recognize all the smart tricks for winning the papers.

5. Increase the typing speed

Typing Speed

Make a habit of reading newspapers. Practice typing daily. Don’t use any shortcut that you do on Facebook or Twitter. For example, writing “u” instead of “you” is forbidden.

6. Accept the change

Change is the spice of life. So, if you are still sticking to the 85 or 90 percentile, it reveals that you got no notion about the missing part. Solve the questions in a different approach in both oral and written form. Overconfidence can kill you.

7. Get over the boredom

You may feel bored while trying for the same thing for several times. You have to sacrifice your time and efforts to achieve something. Relax. Watch good movies. Hang out with friends. Dine out. Sleep well.

8. Create a tentative plan for CAT 2019:

Plan for CAT

A) Quantitative Aptitude Section

Give stress on the algebra, number system, arithmetic, permutation and combination, probability and geometry. The trends of the past years reveal that questions from mathematics were less but unpredictable. Avoid prediction.

B) Data Interpretation Section

Learn the core math tricks regarding the addition, subtraction, tables (up to 20). Try to calculate mentally without the help of a calculator. You may use an online calculator, but it may lead to time wastage. Verbal calculations are the best way to progress faster. If it is not possible for you, paper and calculators are always there to rescue.

C) Logical Reasoning section

Solve all the previous years’ question papers.

D) Verbal Ability Section

Read various articles related to philosophy, politics, current affairs, book reviews, art, culture, etc. If you expose yourself widely to the literature (English), it will be the X factor for you. This portion checks your aptness to evaluate, comprehend and your expression regarding an argument critically. Daily practice of grammar and vocabulary will provide you the extra edge over your competitors.

9. October 2019 onwards

Take a mock test every week. Work hard on your weak areas. It will help you to cope with the time management skill. You will get to know your pros and cons. Further, your accuracy and speed will grow.

10. Till the final exam date

If you follow the plan whole heartedly, there is no need to get tensed. It’s natural human instinct to forget formula and be fearful about unknown topics. Stress is going to destroy you further. CAT is just like another important exam.

A remembrance

Make most of the 180 minutes intelligently. Try not to waste time on the stumbled questions. Read the question paper first. Answer the known ones. Then, attempt the unknowns. Review your answers thoroughly before submitting.

All the best.


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