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Candian Government will support climate awareness and education

Bipin Dimri Jun 07, 2019

In the modern technology-driven era, climate change is one of the most defining challenges that environments face. Increasing awareness, education, as well as action to address the ever-changing climatic conditions will take place through independent parties. They would support the efforts of Canada in protecting the period of transition that oversees the betterment economy and protects the country’s environment.

Lloyd Longfield, Guelph’s parliament member, announced on behalf of Catherine McKenna, Environment & Climate Change Minister said that funding via Climate Action Fund to the Union of National Farmers in Ontario. By the looks of it, the funding is going to aid the farmers in developing and learning different ways for adapting a better position in thriving the ever-changing environment.

The role of the Union of National Farmers in Ontario would facilitate a chain of Kitchen Table meetings all over Ontario for promoting changes on climatic changes. The Fund of climate action will provide support up to $3 million projects which will be youth, students, organizations. Moreover, the indigenous people, non-profit organizations, small & medium scale enterprises, educational and research institutions will also support the Fund.

According to the sources, the funded projects would raise awareness based on climate change as well as clean growth. Moreover, it would encourage other Canadians to take immediate actions in making the climatic conditions of Canada better.

Moreover, the National Farmers Union origination from Guelph, Ontario, is going to receive around $83,606 in terms of funding via the Fund. Furthermore, the farmers working alongside the National Farmers Union are responsible for producing healthy as well as safe food via sustainable practices in the farm that would benefit the environment.

Moreover, the Climate Action Fund would also support the initiative which would bring brand new ideas as well as innovations for tackling the ever-changing nature of climate. On the other hand, the Fund will also encourage the people to take proper action to make the climate of Canada sustainable again.


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