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Canadian School get funding from China for Chinese Classes

Bipin Dimri Apr 13, 2019

According to reports, the children in Canadian schools learn Chinese culture in their weekly classes. The report says that the classes if being funded by Beijing. On the other hand, one expert argues that they also get a lesson in propaganda.

Rachelle Peterson, policy director at the National Association of Scholars has to say oh the news. According to him, the class is basically outsourced to the Chinese government. It also gives China the power to edit anything that the nation does not want others to know, says Peterson. He also says that China can edit its history, culture and authoritarian governments so that others must not know.

As per matter of fact, The National Association of scholars is an American advocacy group which is a nonprofit organization. However, the classes on culture and language of China are reported run by the Confucius Institute. China funds the institute, and the teachers are from China. It is the result of the partnership between the provincial authorities of Canada and Beijing.

Peterson says not to fund Chinese classrooms

She also says that foreign governments should not fund such classrooms. She also insisted that the governments must not choose the textbooks, sending over, or hire teachers.

Peterson also says that The Canadian schools receive incentives like trips to China and valuable financial arrangements for the teachers and their students. And also, Peterson says that with the partnership, the economic ties between the two nations can build stronger. It is also important to the broad communities of both nations.

Furthermore, Peterson emphasized that the government of China uses these kinds of financial levers in order to gain access to vulnerable populations. With these agenda, it also gets access to the students who are not yet aware of the conditions of China.

On the other hand, Dominic Cardy, Education minister of New Brunswick says that he wants Confucius Institute out of the province towards the end of the year.


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