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Canada’s high school dropouts cost the country a considerable amount of money

Bipin Dimri May 15, 2019

The government of Ontario has recently proposed new educational reforms which collectively saves $1 billion. People for Education is responsible for the finding of the result of the analysis mentioned above.

The result of reforms says that the students are going to receive a minimal amount of attention in the higher classes from Grades 4 to 12. On the other hand, the students have a small targeted resource which has been made available to them because of the reducing in education grants. The secondary level students usually procure lesser option along with limited class sections because of the significant loss of teachers. In addition, the secondary students are needed to finish up the four compulsory e-learning courses.

Around the world and also in Canada the complete rate of high school is increasing steadily. A recent statistics show that the price of “on-time” graduation around Canada is around 79 per cent. At the same time, the rate of “extended-time” graduation for a couple of additional years is approximately 88 per cent.

After comparing the other advancement nations with Canada, it is vividly clear Canada has a wide spoke to improve. Finland and Japan are in the top spots when it comes to rate of graduation, i.e., 97 per cent. The country possesses a wide area of weakness when it comes to the students opting for secondary Education of 15-24 years of age group.

According to the public and economic policy, the total cost of the students getting dropped out varies due to many factors. According to the 2008 comprehensive study, the cost of dropouts in Canada has a direct impact on employment, labour, social assistance, health as well as the country’s criminal justice system. If the country increases the rate of high school graduation, the predicted savings will be more than $7.7 billion per year.


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