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Canada incorporates Metis Nation by signing Post-Secondary Education

Bipin Dimri Jun 12, 2019

Seamus O’Regan, the Indigenous Services Minister, along with Clement Chartier, Metis’ National Council President has reportedly signed an agreement. By the looks of it, the agreement revolves around the commitment of the Canadian government. According to the agreement, Canada’s government would support the education of post-secondary students of the Metis Nation.

The sub-accord based on the Post-Secondary Education by both Canada-Metis follows the recently curated federal investments in the post-secondary education of Canada. Moreover, the Accord is also a result of the post-secondary education review that has been announced in the 2017 budget.

According to the officials, the commitment outlines the education review and the 2017 accord between Canada and Metis. By the looks of it, it is an important step to close the attainment of post-secondary education and bridge the gap between the citizens of Metis & non-productive Canadians.

The Accord is meant to establish new parameters which would improve the educational outcomes of the national students of Metis along with the program. Moreover, the Accord will support three activity streams such as student support, governance capacity & lastly services based on community.

By the looks of it, the groundwork has reportedly been laid down through the intensified process of developing and curating new policies. The foundation will act more like a testament to the relationships which has been through thick & thin times for a couple of years. 

Canada’s government is on a verge to achieve the essence of rekindling with Metis Nation with the new nation-to-nation relationship. The relationship is also based on government-to-government. Furthermore, the Accord recognizes relationship on recognition of the rights, partnership, and cooperation.

This Accord marks a massive historic achievement for Canada and its ongoing relationship with Canada’s Metis Nation. O’Regan said that the students of the Metis Nation would have equal opportunities for pursuing post-secondary education. Chartier, on the other hand, said that the agreement is a reconciliation which has been long overdue by both Metis Nation and Canada.


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