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Brazilian Universities fear Bolsonaro plan will eliminate humanities and public education

Bipin Dimri Jun 05, 2019

Around tens of thousands of professors and students have protested across the nation on the 30th of May against administration proposal of Jair Bolsonaro administration for slashing the budget of public education in Brazil and starve the resource departments university humanities. 

By the looks of it, the protest was Brazil’s second mass demonstration in just two weeks against the education policies of the country by estranging new president.

Protesters in towns and cities across Brazil had taken to the streets for condemning the proposal by the education ministry. The proposal suggests that the education ministry will reduce funding for the public universities of Brazil by almost 30% during 2019. The education ministry also considers withdrawing financing entirely from sociology and philosophy department of Brazil public universities.

Bolsonaro took it to Twitter and said that the objective is to focus on the areas which need an immediate return to the taxpayer such as engineering, veterinary as well as medicine.

Education is in complete disarray in Brazil. The provocative conservative leader Bolsonaro helmed the role of president on 1st of Jan. When Bolsonaro was elected in November 2018, they promised to restructure Brazil along with the schools radically.

The underfunded public system of public education in Brazil has seen a tremendous struggle for utilities and maintenance ever since Brazil entered the period of recession in the year 2015. Back in the year 2016, the conservative government in Brazil which was led by Michel Temer, then president came up with an austere measure which had covered all of the federal public spendings at 2016 levels for 20 long years.

Brazil’s federal public universities depend completely on the country’s central government for budgets. Moreover, federal universities seek research grants along with several other funding that comes from projects. In Brazil, the state governments maintain their universities in Brazil.


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