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Brazil reinvented by Bolsonaro’s is heading towards an absolute nightmare

Bipin Dimri May 21, 2019

If people look at the political scenario of Brazil, they would note that the commentators across the country said that Jair Bolsonaro is an incapable presidency. And the commentators were also saying that Bolsonaro wasn’t doing anything after coming into power. The Brazilians were also complaining about the incompetence nature of the president’s team. The government’s ideology has also been questioned multiple times.

Now the country has become a region on Earth where people see that the public goods, social rights are currently under attack. Then there were the reports of budget cuts in the country. Public education and healthcare have been cut off to receive the minimum budget. 

It is evident that Bolsonaro government’s next target is the education system of the country. On the other hand, the extremist and genius education minister has been removed. However, the new Education Minister Abraham Weintraub is much worse than his predecessor.

Weintraub believes that the country can progress by combining neoliberal orthodoxy nature with a low level of extreme idealistic emptiness. Due to his sheer stupid ideology, Weintraub has launched a complete attack on public universities.

After the fiscal year, Weintraub announced a 30% budget cut to three handpicked universities that have been promoting an excessive amount of disruption. These universities were the ones which a long history of political mobilization along with student movement activity. Later, he extended the cuts to every single one of the national universities, given that most of the universities were already hanging by a thread.

Then came the cut in graduation scholarship for the students. Additionally, the government is making plans to divert all the resources from philosophy and sociology to the sector, which will benefit high demand job markets. President Bolsonaro also said that he wants the young students of the country to put their focus on learning practical skills rather than concentration on politics.


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