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Arkansas Education Program brings tremendous progress to the region

Bipin Dimri May 21, 2019

The acclaimed school program that focuses on critical thinking and imaginative problem-solving skills are expanding around the Northwestern region of Arkansas and remaining regions of the state.

Education accelerated by service and technology or EAST. By the looks of it, EAST allows the students to work on the projects which will benefit the region, especially the community. The classroom of EAST features cutting-edge technology ranging from cameras and software to 3-D animation along with computer-aided design. Students use the software and hardware to curate their projects, according to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

EAST is offered in 254 schools around Arkansas. The program began in the year 1996 in one of the classrooms in Greenbrier. Later the program made its way to places such as Louisiana, Oklahoma & Pennsylvania. EAST is a nonprofit organization which is based out of Little Rock

The officials of EAST have announced that more than 14 schools are going to feature this program such as Washington and Benton counties. These schools are going to run the program from fall 2019. By the looks of it, four elementary schools across Springdale such as Tyson, Parson Hills, George, and Monitor will feature this program. Folsom Elementary School located in Farmington and Washington Junior High School at Bentonville is also part of the program.

The CEO and President of EAST, Matt Dozier said that the decision of establishing EAST environment promises to provide the staff, students and community partners with a memorable experience which eventually makes an impact on the future endeavors of the program.

The massive school district in Arkansas, Springdale will have 23 schools out of 30 to join the programs starting this fall. Jim Rollins, the superintendent and one of the board of directors of EAST, said that working alongside Springdale brought him immense joy. One of the projects created by the students of Junior High School was named as the winner for the content “Samsung Solve for Tomorrow.”


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