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An insight on Democracy and Brazilian Education

Bipin Dimri May 21, 2019

There are more than 200 protests which involved millions of students, as well as professors, teachers, and other educators across Brazil took place on Wednesday. This is the moment where most of the people tuned to the news station that they usually do not watch. The broadcasting involved the most unpopular Education Minister in the history of Brazilian politics, Abraham Weintraub facing a panel of Federal Deputies in the country.

The best part is even after this erroneous time, Brazil has still been thriving as a democratic country. So far, there has been a display of dictatorship in the country ruled by a stoic tyrant or military. Nevertheless, on the face of the Earth, Brazil has been regarded to be the most unpredictable nation for more than four decades. This brings out a single hope for the people of the country, the election of 2022.

At the U.S. House of Representatives, a Minister & an entity that is representing most populous place across Brazil. Technically, the most significant attribute about the place is that it is the parliament. The Brazilians call it “Parlamento.” The country never had a King, however once upon a time, the country had two emperors who still have heirs to the throne.

The people have been questioning the decision that the education minister had taken. But Weintraub, with a calm and composed grandeur, said that 30% cuts are not going to last forever. They are the necessary cutbacks that the country has to go through until the situation improves.

The federal deputies, during the news broadcasting program, were screaming and shouting at the Education Minister. On the other hand, some of them even called him a half-wit as he cut off the funding to sociology and philosophy departments at four distinctive federal universities. Things seem a little messy in Brazil as far as education department is concerned.


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