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Al Mahmoud: IPU will play an active role to stress education effectively

Bipin Dimri Apr 08, 2019

H E Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud, the Council Speaker of Shura has been seeing to stress on the active and decisive role of IPU also known as Inter-Parliamentary Union to scatter the essence of both sciences as well as knowledge. According to Al Mahmoud, said that it is the sole duty of IPU to correct the corrupting details which threaten the fundamental principles of security, peace as well as the rule of law.

According to Al Mahmoud, the countries which are neck-deep in conflicts, instability, and wars, famine and poverty are the most common happenings in these countries. And this calls forward the need for the esteemed parliamentarians to come up with promoting education. The parliamentarians have the responsibility to maintain peace and security in these countries.

Al Mahmoud has reportedly chaired the on-going 140th General Assembly of the IPU which is currently taking place in Doha for discussing the parliaments and to furthermore enhance education for security, peace and the basic rule of the law enforcement. Gabriela Cuevas Barron, the president of IPU along with Martin Chungong, IPU’s Secretary-General along with the excellent parliament speaker and delegates attended the peace event.

Al Mahmoud said that it is the sole duty of parliamentarians is to fight with the extremist ideas of the people. Parliamentarians also have to be responsible for spreading education by considering the religious as well as ethnic diversity. Al Mahmoud came into prominence by becoming the elected President of the 140th Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union.

By the looks of it, Qatar provides significant attention to education and brought forward unlimited support to the developmental education programmes in the country. And this has delivered excellent results in the past few years and made the country to advance in various positions in the field. Al Mahmoud thinks that these discussions are going to make the country better in the long run.


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