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Adult learners in high school students in Nunavut are found waiting

Bipin Dimri Jun 05, 2019

The Northern Province in Nunavut is failing at preparing the mature as well as the high school students for higher education. Additionally, Nunavut also failed at making the education seekers get into the working sphere of the world.

A recent report suggests that the education system of Nunavut has seen a vast number of barriers and gap. And this made it extremely difficult for adult learners as well as students of high school to succeed in their academic and professional sphere.

The other sources suggest that Nunavut has the highest rate of absenteeism across Canada. Moreover, the school dropout rates in the province are also not up to the mark either. According to a recent report, around 68 percent of the students meant to be in classes aren't attending the classes.

The lack of education is deemed to be the reason why there are significant barriers as far as employment in the province is concerned. In terms of the Inuit employment Nunavut, civil service stays below target as well.

Yesterday's report showed that there is a poorly daunting & co-ordinated system in the territory which left the students to figure out things on their own. The report also noted that the Education Department of Nunavut has not yet outlined the ways for helping students at their graduation time. On the other hand, the Department of Education is not taking an active role during the transitional period of students lives, such as high school to education in post-secondary & employment.

Jim McKenzie, the lead author of the report, said that the Department must collaborate more and on different instances. The report by McKenzie also revealed that the Department didn't have a strategy to aid students in the first place. Moreover, the assessment of students in Nunavut is too weak.


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