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Accumulating education is all about genes and not top end educational institutions

Bipin Dimri Jun 04, 2019

A leading scientist said going to a private school like Eton is a waste of time and money because educational success is in the genes.

Professor of Behavioural Genetic, Robert Plomin said he and his team had spent ages trying to find how much of achievement in education was down to nature or nurture. He finally concluded that around 50% of academic success is due to genes and are still trying to discover the rest. Now they know that it is not because of schooling or upbringing.

Studies have proved that adopted twins having the same genetics does well academically even if they have different education or parents.

Professor Plomin says top schools like Eton achieve higher grades. Nevertheless, the only difference is the selection procedure. And the results will be the same if the same force is given in a state school.

At the Hay Festival, he said does the quality of school makes a difference in results like GCSE or getting into Universities. Rober Plomin, the professor also said that kids who are going to the selective schools across the UK have a GCSE score which is all about a full grade massive than the kids who attend to the comprehensive schools.

Plomin also said that if people make corrections of which schools to select, then there will be no difference in the GCSE scores. According to Plomin, this is entirely self-fulfilling, just like a prophecy. If the children are selected according to their academic performance, the reports suggests that they come from a family that are extremely educational.

It is worthless to send the children to Eton. Currently accumulating education from Eton cost the students over £40,000 every year. Plomin also accepted the fact that the parents send the children to the schools that have nominal fee-paying.


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