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A new form of Barbarism is killing the dreams of South Africa

Bipin Dimri Jun 12, 2019

In the past week, the African society was reminded that there had been several reasons which make them fear their schools. The inescapable truth about the African community is if a small child doesn't take her last breath in a pit latrine. Nevertheless, there is a highly likely chance that children might die at the hands of the teachers or guns bullets.

The usual scenario in the African schools is that the students might drop out from the educational institutions the moment they regard the school work as irrelevant and excess. Moreover, the potential workplaces have begun asking as to what the schools are doing the moment they witness younglings unprepared for the world.

Most of the time, parents also report that the teachers across the country providing education don't instill morality to the students anymore. In addition to the persisting problem, the teachers usually question the parents' commitment who send riotous students to the schools. The truth is the society of the country is failing schools.

Children in the country kill each other for absolutely no reason, and this takes place in the school grounds. Moreover, this has become a widespread problem in South African society as communities across the country are getting used to the killings & murders. The sad and despicable part of the scenario is that the situation has become extremely sick; in the meantime, it also questions the real values of society.

Recently, in South Africa, a sixteen-year-old student was stabbed to death by a classmate. Moreover, this incident has given rise to several questions about the role of the school in making the lives of students better. Schools in the country are turning into the harbinger of hateful people. Moreover, the teachers in the schools are not safe from the vengeful students. There is also an essence of gangsterism that also exists within the students. And this ultimately which results in the killing of the classmates.


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