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A mere Android Tablet-PC Can Transform Education in SA

Bipin Dimri Jun 05, 2019

The leading and pioneered institution located in Pietermaritzburg, St Charles College has conducted new research. The research was based on the responsibility of using technology in terms of education for more than 13 years. After an extensive distributed of Galaxy Tab A from Samsung in the classroom, it proved that the schools would successfully shift to digital learning.

St. Charles College’s Principal, Allen van Blerk, said that when they were testing Samsung’s Tablet-PC alongside the acclaimed device called S Pen. Furthermore, they found out the device reportedly enhanced every single element which is needed to make learning better. 

The Principal also said that the school had discovered the by utilizing a cutting edge device they were able to tackle significant barriers. The barrier that most schools face comes with paper learning space. As of now, the school said that it is going to partner up with Samsung to enlist the importance of turning education interactive and personal.

According to the Principal, the school has already tested Samsung Galaxy Tab A on a distinctive group of different ages in Senior School. The learners had shown an enhanced level of enthusiasm with Samsung’s S Pen. By the looks of it, the learners also said that S Pen is the perfect replacement of pens and pencils.

Moreover, the Principal feels that Tab A will power the school to transit towards the age where electronic textbooks can power the education of the students. The split screen of the Android Tablet will allow the students to scroll through a textbook or a worksheet on top of the screen, whereas the lower half of the screen can be used to write seamlessly.

Blerk feels that the power of the split screen has been underestimated for a long time. Nevertheless, this feature will provide an efficient solution to shift to the digital world.


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