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A massive study displays unfairness in the United Kingdom’s choice of school

Bipin Dimri May 23, 2019

The parents of secondary schools across the United Kingdom have been opening expressing the on-going unfairness in the country’s school system. The study has been published recently in the Oxford Review of Education, which speaks about two large sets of data from 526,000 students.

According to the study, the parents with six school option other than the conventional three are at an unfair advantage. On the other hand, the most advantageous part is that the parents will become less cautious as far as their preferences are concerned.

Dr Emma Rowe of Deakin University said that the study is extremely relevant based when compared with the Australian context. The study also highlights the problems that are generally caused by the country’s schooling systems that drive a consumerist approach. The system deems one school as a loser whereas another as a winner.

The study also points the potential issues concerning the opportunity and fairness, which has been caused by the distinctive choice of systems. Dr Rowe also said that some of the groups of the parents are much capable of choosing what they want. Furthermore, this also suggests that some of the families make more than conservative or safe choice instead of opting for ambitious option.

The “hyped” schools across the country are the most highlighted ones, and that is the reason why more parents choose their children for culminating education. The author of the report pointed out that allocating places to popular & oversubscribed schools are selected due to proximity. The parents with adequate resources generally choose schools and educational institutes with proximity, given that they have to pay more than a traditional school.

The parents choose to apply to the schools that they can access at any time of the day, week, month or even a year. If the education system around the country brings an ambitious and active choice, then the parents will not be able to gain their first choice. Eventually, this will also improve the core of education systems in the country.


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