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A Malaysian became the 21st finalist in 2019 UK alumni award

Bipin Dimri Apr 01, 2019


A Malaysia alumnus is one of the 21 finalists from the 1,200 high percentile achievers from around the world. The student has been chosen for the 2019 edition of British Council Study United Kingdom Alumni Award.

The 30-year-old Ng Zhu Hann was an alumnus of LSE from where he garnered his Bachelor of Law Honors Degree in the year 2010. Zhu Hann also had a PG qualification form Singapore’s National University.

Reportedly, Hann had competed in the category of Professional Achievement Award along with two other groups. Zhu Hann also competed in the Social Impact Award as well as Entrepreneurial Award. He was the seventh finalists of these awards. The alumni from around the world were chosen on the basis of their performances as entrepreneurs, professionals as well as leaders of the community.

Given that Zhu Hann doesn’t come from a significant financial background; nevertheless, he had developed good values about morality and empathy from his beloved family. It was his family who taught Hann that he needs to break the barriers as only then will he be able to overcome the insuperable challenges that life brings.

According to Hann, by getting an education from the United Kingdom shaped him, it made him much more disciplined and increased the depth of his knowledge. After gaining education from London has broadened his vision and then he learned how to fully understand how to interact with people from around the world.

Getting his education from the UK turned him into a better leader in the corporate industry because he was able to learn from the best people in the world. He also found a chance of interacting with individuals who have groundbreaking visions to change the core of the world.


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