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A conspiracy theory related to terrorism shut down a school festival

Bipin Dimri May 14, 2019

A non-dangerous tweet came into being by James Comey related to his previous job. By the looks of it, the online tweet was heavily misinterpreted as a code for an assault "false flag" referred to a family gathering.

California's Grass Valley Charter School said that would put an end to the event due for the sense of caution. The authorities in the country predicted that there is a highly likely chance that hacker or internet vigilantes could attend the festival. The people in the country who sincerely follow the QAnon conspiracy theory also made some of the bizarre claims related to the event.

According to followers, Donald Trump and Robert Mueller are working together to take care of coup d'etat of America's government. Moreover, the coup d'etat will be done by significant paedophiliac politicians & famous Hollywood celebrities.

The Tweet by James Comey stated the former FBI Director's employment history. On the other hand, the tweet was also a part of the Twitter trend called #FiveJobsIveHad. The conspiracy theorists intensely studied the posting and noticed something very peculiar. The theorists figured out that the first alphabet of each of the jobs says "GVCSF." And after some searches on the internet, the acronym said "Grass Valley Charter School Foundation."

The adherents of QAnon rearranged the letters using hashtag which suggests "five jihads." And the logical conclusion that the conspiracy theorists derived was the former director of FBI would stage a terrorist attack on one of the schools in California's Grass Valley.

Grass Valley Charter School Foundation was going to organize the annual Blue Marble Jubilee on 11th of May 2019. The school foundation then made contacts with law enforcement to aid the school in an unsafe situation. Later the sheriff's office said that there was no apparent threat yet the school cancelled the family festival called Blue Marble Jubilee.


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