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UK Universities

Post-18 education should work in a better way for everyone

The higher and further education should work in a better way for the universities, students as well as taxpayers, according to the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May. The Prime Minister said that she welcomes the publicat

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Post-secondary education in the UK will go through a fee cut

The tuition fees of University are going to be cut almost by £7,500 a year. The budget cut is going to provide more significant support towards technical and vocational training, based on the government review. By

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Religious Studies and Theology students are diminishing from the UK universities

In the United Kingdom, subjects like Religious studies and Theology is at risk, according to a report. The report has also warned that the number of students opting for Theology and Religious studies has been halved in s

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Half of the academics in the UK are stressed where forty percent want to leave

The most notable management lecturer from a state-of-the-art university, Ed Harris has stopped sleeping. Sadly, Ed Harris is also having problems in his blessed marriage. It was during this moment when he realized that h

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UK universities will compensate the students due to campus strikes

A set of universities in Britain have been told to pay up compensation money to make up for the teaching hours that were lost in the previous year. In the year 2018, a wave of campus strike launched by staff members alon

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