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Students in the US

Students in the US have no place to sleep

One of the students in the US, 23-year-old Keyshawn Johnson, said that she used to have an impossible rate of homework as soon as she headed home. During this time, Ms Johnson was pursuing the associate’s degree in

Bipin Dimri

The US Embassy will launch an app for the Indian students

By the looks of it, the US Embassy is making plans to collaborate with India’s acclaimed, Y-Axis Foundation to produce a pilot project which will benefit the Indian students in a never-been-seen-before way. Accordi

Bipin Dimri

Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel the debt of the students and abolish tuition fees

Elizabeth Warren who serves as the Senator of Massachusetts has reportedly curated her forthcoming presidential campaign surrounding disruptive yet straightforward ideas. This week on Monday, Elizabeth Warren had propose

Bipin Dimri

Many students in the US have applied for colleges in 2019

Since time immemorial, around this time of every year, the would-be college going students go through a challenging time. And this is the time that decides the fate of hundreds of thousands of students whether they would

Bipin Dimri

US Judge rules that girls are not confined to wearing skirts

One of the charter schools in North Carolina has been showcasing the conventional value related to the unconstitutional discrimination in sex which makes girls wear skirts. Malcolm Howard, one of the distinctive judges i

Bipin Dimri

A billion dollar wasted on the charter schools in the US

A new report states that the government of the United States has uselessly spent a billion dollar on the charter schools. Some of these charter schools were opened, and the other half of the schools that were opened were

Sudipto Das