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Ministry of Education in Brazil

War on Education in Brazil is causing a severe backlash in the country

Around 30 percent of all the federal universities in the country are going to have discretionary budget cuts. By the looks of it, this has created a drastic and instant effect on the ability of the people to work. Brazi

Bipin Dimri

Brazilian Attorney General wants Carte Blanche to go through Police Invasions at the universities

  Andre Mendonca, the Attorney General of Brazil, has reportedly requested that the Supreme Court of Brazil has reported made authorization to make the police entrance in Brazilian Universities legal. The new mov

Bipin Dimri

The Ministry of Education of Brazil will change the 1964-85 history

Ricardo Velez Rodriguez, the Education Minister of Brazil, has recently said the country’s federal government is going to begin gradual altercations to the country’s history textbook. Moreover, the focus of t

Bipin Dimri

Brazil will provide $1.5Billion of Reserves to the Education Ministry

The Economic Ministry of Brazil is going to transfer R$1.588 billion of the reserves to the Education Ministry of the country. The Economic Ministry came up with this initiative after the massive 7-day protest led univer

Bipin Dimri