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Higher Education in India

India’s Vice President attended a Panjab University Convocation

M. Venkaiah Naidu, India’s Vice President, said that the youth of the country are supposed to shoulder a huge social responsibility to exercise judgment at some of the social issues. The Vice President asked the yo

Bipin Dimri

The higher education system in India require more reforms and investments

When it comes to higher education in the country things are looking heavily serious, and a strict reformation is needed, according to an official of NITI Aayog. The official also said that the country needs to grow its e

Bipin Dimri

M. Venkaiah Naidu: India needs a new grade of higher education

Me. M Venkaiah Naidu, India’s Vice President said that the country needs a top-notch higher education system as of now. The Vice President of India was seen addressing the faculty members as well as the students of

Bipin Dimri

For now, the higher education in India is at its worst

McKinsey’s former managing director, Rajat Gupta who also has been a part of numerous organizations such as Goldman Sachs visited Chandigarh on Tuesday. Gupta took a tour of the city as it was one of the areas he n

Bipin Dimri

Can E-Learning Define the Future of Education?

Delivery in online education must be interactive to be truly effective Validation score doesn’t always guarantee the success of online education delivery. Traditional education has to be made better and effect

Sudipto Das