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15 school shootings took place in the US this year

Bipin Dimri May 14, 2019

Given that it has only been 19 weeks of the year 2019, but there have been fifteen school shootings around the United States. And in these shootings, some of the victims were hurt, and other victims were killed.

From California to Georgia, significant shooting occurrences took place in the middle, high and elementary schools. Reports stated that the shootings also took place in the major university campuses as well as colleges around the country.

On 7th of January 2019, right outside the Central Elementary School, a 17-year-old teen student was shot fatally. According to the police report, the victim knew who "shot" him.

Several shootings took place in January such as the W.P. Davidson High School shooting in Mobile, Alabama that resulted in two injured victims. A shot was fired in the right outside Miller Grove High School, and this time the victim wasn't a student. And on 31st of January two shooting incident took place in Memphis, Tennessee and Humble, Texas. Both the students in the two incidents lived to tell the tale.

Three shooting took place in February. The shootings took place in Baltimore, Kansas City, Montgomery, and the victims did not lose their lives in the shootings, but they were gravely injured.

On 7th of March, a gun was accidentally discharged in Louisiana's Grambling State University which injured one student. A ten years old student was shot while he boarded a bus. The bullet in the latter incident was stuck to the left hand.

On 1st of April, an 8th-grade student shot the classmate in Prescott High School hallway. The young boy survived the tragic incident. Sadly, two people died on the 30th of April at Charlotte's University. In addition to this, four people were critically injured. According to the police report, the shooter was the former student.

On 4th of May, a 21-year-old male died from a wound inflicted by a bullet in Eugene, Oregon. At the same time, In Colorado's Highlands Ranch, a student lost his life whereas eight others were injured in the shooting at STEM School. In the same day, one of the students of Savannah State University was shot in the campus. The school authorities have provided no further details.


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