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University Stellenbosch has apologized for the trauma due to a research article

Bipin Dimri May 03, 2019

On Tuesday, Stellenbosch University has reportedly apologized by pouring out its soul and heart due to the trauma that was inflicted by a research article. After the research article was published, it received massive scrutiny from the local political parties, academics as well as the public.

Sharne Nieuwoudt was in charge of conducting the research along with Carla Coetzee, Elmarie Terblanche, Kashe Elizabeth Dickie, and Louise Engelbrecht. The research stated that the women of colour around South Africa do not have adequate cognitive functioning as they lead a downtrodden lifestyle and lack education.

A massive number of academics asked the researchers to remove the study from academic journal site in the UK that publishes journals, research paper among others. On the other hand, South Africa’s Psychological Society for research & methodology said that the concept which has been used in the research is nothing but flawed.

The article showcased the roots of the colonial stereotypes of the women of color that portrays them as illiterate. The research paper also inflicted broad, damaging and a reckless impact, given that the concept of the research paper is based on an extremely flawed methodology, according to the society.

The Deputy VC, Professor Eugene Cloete overseeing the Innovation, Research & Postgraduate Studies reflected in a statement that the university is apologizing on the unconditional pain and the anguish which came from the article.

Cloete said that the University is acknowledging a blunt trauma and anguish among the general public members of the University stakeholders, Stellenbosch and the community of the college campus. Eugene Cloete has also apologized for the insurmountable pain and anguish that came from the article. On the other hand, Rectorate is requesting a detailed investigation of every single aspect of the study. The outcome of the investigation will lead to a scenario where the required action will be taken.


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