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UK Education News

Bipin Dimri Apr 20, 2019

Teachers in the UK are paying for the resources out of their own money

A new survey by NASUWT suggests that one out of five teachers are using their own money to buy the resources for the classroom every week. Around 45% of the 4,386 me

Bipin Dimri Apr 20, 2019

One among every four teachers are getting violent feedback from students every week

In the United Kingdom, one out of four teachers says that they are experiencing physical violence from their pupils once in every week. Most of the teachers are also

Bipin Dimri Apr 16, 2019

Teachers in the UK want to boycott the primary school tests

A considerable number of teachers around the United Kingdom have made remarkable backed plans that will ultimately boycott the primary school tests across England in

USA Education News

Bipin Dimri Apr 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders says criminal justice, and education reforms are interconnected

At the time of a campaign stop in South Carolina’s Spartanburg, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate tells that criminal justice, and sweeping education reforms are the two devastating issues which are perplexedly connected to on

Canada Education News

Bipin Dimri Apr 20, 2019

The students of Ontario have the lowest score in mathematics

Even before the election of Ontario, Premier Doug Ford has reportedly been open about the mathematics students of Ontario and their decline in test results. The students of Grade 6 have the lowest of the math scores in the whole country. The educati

UAE Education News

India Education News

Bipin Dimri Apr 22, 2019

School Education Board of Himachal Pradesh will declare +2 result in less than a month

The Secondary Education Board in Himachal Pradesh has revealed its plan of declaring the results of more than one lakh HPBOSE students

Bipin Dimri Apr 17, 2019

The future of engineering education in India

By the looks of it, the GDP of India was recorded to be at a peak in the whole world, back in the 17th Century. The GDP of the country

Bipin Dimri Apr 17, 2019

For now, the higher education in India is at its worst

McKinsey’s former managing director, Rajat Gupta who also has been a part of numerous organizations such as Goldman Sachs visited

Qatar Education News

Bipin Dimri Apr 22, 2019

A scholarship program funded by Qatar will help the Texas students

Around 280 students who were present in the University of Houston were reportedly forced to withdraw from the classes altogether. On the other hand, 880 students were partially removed after Harvey struck to Texas, the Hurricane swept off the populated areas of South-Eastern Texa

Bipin Dimri Apr 22, 2019

EEA held a Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for the students of the residents

Al Fakhoora hosted the Foundation programme called "Education Above All" on 19th of April at the auditorium of QFIS at the Education City. The aim of the foundation programme was to award and the same time announces the names of the students who have reportedly been acc

Bipin Dimri Apr 15, 2019

The Dean in the Northwestern region of Qatar will step down after a long time

Everette Dennis, the Qatar Dean as well as the CEO of Northwestern University has announced that he is going a step down from his post in the year 2020. By the looks of it, Dennis has helmed the role of dean in the year in June 2011. The first class at Qatar’s Northwestern

Bipin Dimri Apr 15, 2019

ABP fair helped the students to explore the professional and educational options

A prominent member of Qatar Foundation, Pre-University organized an “All Qatar Universities Fair” which comes under the acclaimed Academic Bridge Program. Some of the local organisations and companies have reportedly attended the one-day fair. Based on the statistics

Malaysia Education News

Bipin Dimri Apr 22, 2019

Malaysian Students put Sunway University and Sunway College at the top of the class

Generally after passing the secondary examinations the students turn their attention and need to enrol in the tertiary education which is best suited for their individualistic plans, needs as well as expectations. The parents and students do not choose a university or a college

Bipin Dimri Apr 22, 2019

The educationists want to make the national schools of Malaysia great again

The educationists of Malaysia are stressing on the fact that there is an urgent need of forging a massive level of racial integration amongst the children in school. Nevertheless, the educationists do not feel that the best way is by sharing the compounds of the schools as well a

Bipin Dimri Apr 15, 2019

Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Education is crucial for the progress of the nation

Education plays a pivotal role to pave the way for the growth of a country. The most crucial element to lay down a firm foundation to make a nation better for people to live. Everyone is getting the proper or the primary education that they need to make their way towards the prog

Bipin Dimri Apr 15, 2019

Ministry of Education: NGOs will assist the children who are without documents

The Education Ministry has called upon all of the non-governmental organizations for helping the children who are without the identification documents to get registered with NRD also known as the National Registration Department so that they can easily enrol at the governmental s