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Teaching Techniques

Sangita Mukherjee Mar 15, 2019

6 Social Media Activities for Project-Based Learning

Informal organizations are a noteworthy piece of most understudies' lives. They have extraordinary limit as learning apparatuses whenever utilized appropriately.

Sangita Mukherjee Mar 11, 2019

Should Finger-Counting Be Discouraged?

Almost all kids learn to count through fingers when they start with mathematics. But as they grow older, the subject gets more advanced with the concepts and proble

Sudipto Das Jan 31, 2019

5 Key Benefits of Introducing Robotics To Kids

The concept of robotics might look too extravagant on the hindsight but if you can give it a try, you will see the benefits associated with it. It’s a direct s

India Education News

Sudipto Das Mar 25, 2019

Priyamani will raise funds to educate girls in India

Priyamani the multilingual actress of India is reportedly running a marathon forward. Priyamani wants to raise as many funds as possible to fund education and sanita

USA Education News

Sudipto Das Mar 26, 2019

The US should keep an open mind for Education Technology

It will not come to some people in the form a surprise that many organizations around the world are trying to scale the education tech

Sudipto Das Mar 26, 2019

A billion dollar wasted on the charter schools in the US

A new report states that the government of the United States has uselessly spent a billion dollar on the charter schools. Some of these

Sudipto Das Mar 15, 2019

Can E-Learning Define the Future of Education?

Delivery in online education must be interactive to be truly effective Validation score doesn’t always guarantee the success o

UAE Education News

Sudipto Das Mar 25, 2019

Tolerance Minister of UAE feels education will lead to world peace

Education will play a crucial role to implement peace in the world that has been divided by sheer ignorance. On Sunday, the Minister of Tolerance of UAE has told the GESF (Global Education and Skills Forum) education is the only thing that is going to unify the world. Shaikh Nah

Sudipto Das Mar 25, 2019

Education reforms are soon going to address the racist problem

By the looks of it, one of the distinctive academics has called forward for a fast-paced reform in the education system. The academic is keen for desiring the problems related to religious extremism, corruption as well as racism. One of the prominent politicians in Malaysia who i

Qatar Education News

Sudipto Das Mar 25, 2019

Qatar engineering university will put forward educational innovative expertise in the country

  The college of engineering in Qatar as well as Qatar University has joined their forces to launch an Engineering Education Week this month. For the first time in its entire existence, the University of Qatar has taken an attempt to highlight the expertise along with inn

Sudipto Das Mar 25, 2019

Qatar will curate a city for military education

  Qatar has made plans for establishing a city which is exclusively dedicated to providing military education in the country. The head of all the colleges and institutes in Qatar, Hamad bin Ahmed al-Nuaimi. Hamad bin Ahmed al-Nauimi is the head of the distinctive institut